True Poetry (true_poetry) wrote in plasteredflower,
True Poetry

sorry for the X-post

i know i it's been forever since i last updated. i dropped contact with my newer buddies even though i said i wouldn't i'm sorry. i kind of just regressed into myself.

i've lost 6 pounds in the last week. i'm happy because i went to get my first ID and for the weight i put 5 pounds less than what i actually weighed but now i'm a pound less than what the ID says. i'm looking forward to showing my ID to people and when they read the weight i want to say "that was a while ago i've lost 20 (or how ever much more) pounds since then."

i've also become more bulimic than i was. i purge several times a week now. now i restrict like hell and i'm purging half the calories i do eat. i also fast for at least 19 hours everyday. which isn't great but oh well. i guess that's all that's up with me.

oh i updated my site and i'm getting ready to update again today or tomorrow.
here is the link: Butterfly Wings
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